Kids Say the Funniest Things!

Kids Say the Funniest Things!

As every parent, carer or teacher knows, children say the funniest things! Particularly when they’re young, they tend to have a knack of being naturally comical. They can make you smile or laugh out loud when you’re least expecting it. With that in mind, here are a few of our favourite things that young children have said … enjoy!

Me: “What are you doing sweet girl?”

4 y/o: “Making my dolls eat brains”


My 6 year old just told me he had to lay down & rest from being so handsome.

4 y/o: “Mom was I in your tummy?”
Me: “Yep!”
4 y/o: “Who is in there now?”
Me: “No one”
4 y/o: “Then why is it so big?”
Husband: “Oh no”

My daughter asked which age I enjoyed her at the most and I said she has been an absolute delight and pain in the *** at every age and she responded “Perfect, that’s what I was going for”

My 4 year old just asked if we could get a cat. I pointed out I was allergic and couldn’t live in the same house and my 4 year old said “You could sleep outside”

My 5 year old just said “I’m not cheating, I’m helping myself to win”

My 3 year old just asked if he will be 4 on his second birthday

“When I get out of time out, I will enjoy the rest of my life”

“Can we hurry, i have jury duty tonight.”

“You have a bug on you but it looks great”

“My aunt is my mum’s sister – small world!”

“I dont know why I’m mad. Let me ask my mum”

“So many feelings for one brain”

“I wanted to be a teacher when I grow up, but my first name isn’t Mrs

“I am OK; I have more happy than I do sad”

My 4 year old just asked “What happens if your phone goes in the potty?”

“Why” I asked.

“Never mind” was the reply.

I said to my 3 year old “It’s OK; it’s an accident.”

She replied “You’re an accident mum.”

I asked my 5 year old if he wants the baby to be a boy or girl …

“I want the baby to be Batman”

My daughter is asking the tooth fairy for £100, “because I really liked that tooth.”

I told my 2 year old to stop telling fibs.

She said “Who’s Fibs? I haven’t told any one called Fibs”

“Yoga is easy. It’s just slow karate.”

“Eat dessert first. You never know when the world’s gonna end.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed these comical quotes by toddlers and young children.  Please feel free to bookmark or share this page if so. We certainly enjoyed researching to find the examples, so might follow up with another batch at some point in the future.

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