• Why choose Little Cedars Day Nursery in Streatham?
  • Why choose Little Cedars Day Nursery in Streatham

Why Choose Us?

Little Cedars Day Nursery is like a true home-from-home for under-fives. It’s a warm and deeply caring environment for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers to grow up in before they join school at age five. It is also incredibly well resourced and equipped, with several distinct areas that have been designed and allocated to each particular age group.

We hand-pick the very best staff too and close relationships form naturally as we welcome new babies and toddlers to the nursery. Every child is allocated a Key Worker, who will closely monitor the individual needs and progress of the child’s development and care whilst at the nursery. Indeed part of this includes a progress journal that is kept and maintained for every child. It is a continuous record of their learning journey and also allows staff to tailor the care and learning plans to the individual needs, skills and abilities (or disabilities) of each child. It is also a key part of the important Progress Report that is produced for every child at the age of 2.

Parents are encouraged to regularly view and contribute to the personal learning journals, so as to record learning and development milestones outside the nursery as well as in. The nursery also holds two parents’ evenings each year, where parents can discuss their child’s progress, one-to-one. Parents need not wait for these, however — staff are always there to support children and parents in any way they can.

Our Approach to Early Years Development and Care.

Little Cedars Day Nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines for early years development and care for under-fives. This learning and development framework includes 7 areas of learning that we focus on, effectively forming the nursery’s curriculum:

We have the highest quality staff who are all suitably qualified for early years childcare.

Communication and language.

Communication and language is one of the three primary areas of the EYFS curriculum. Here, children are encouraged to listen, understand, speak and express themselves in order to develop their skills and confidence in these areas. It is a rich learning environment covering a wide variety of situations in which language is the key focus.

Physical development.

Physical development is the second of the three primary areas of the EYFS curriculum. Here, children are encouraged to be active and interactive, partaking in a range of physical activities and challenges under supervision. Doing so enables them to develop and improve upon their fine and gross motor skills including movement, coordination and balance. Healthy food choices are also encouraged in order to teach the children about health, diet and self-care.

Personal, social and emotional development.

Personal, social & emotional development is the third of the three primary focus areas of the EYFS curriculum. Goals include improving upon each child’s level of self-confidence and ability, having a positive view of themselves and respect for others, learning about what’s acceptable behaviour within group situations, the ability to speak confidently and appropriately in group situations, managing feelings, developing social skills and nurturing positive relationships with others around them.


Literacy is, of course, an incredibly important element of any curriculum. At Little Cedars, children have access to a wide range of high quality reading materials. This stimulates and retains interest as well as helping children to improve upon their reading, comprehension and vocabulary skills. Establishing links between letters, sounds and words also helps when they begin learning to write at the nursery.


Little Cedars also gives children a good grounding in numeracy. Here, they’ll learn to count and problem solve, they’ll learn simple arithmetic around adding and subtracting and will begin to understand shapes, spaces and volumes from a mathematical perspective.

Understanding the world.

No early years curriculum would be complete without children being able to make sense of the world. At Little Cedars Day Nursery, children are encouraged to be aware of the different cultures, communities and environments around them. Through their observation and exploration, children learn about different people, places and beliefs. They learn about the natural world and even technology.

Expressive arts and design.

Creativity, the formation of ideas, exploring feelings, developing imaginative minds and self-expression are also incredibly important for young children. At Little Cedars Day Nursery, we provide varied and exciting creative opportunities for this through activities like art, dance, music, role-play, movement, design and technology.

  • The EYFS framework forms the basis of the nursery's excellent curriculum

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