• Healthy meals, snacks & food at Little Cedars Day Nursery in Streatham.
  • Healthy meals, snacks & food at Little Cedars Day Nursery in Streatham.

Healthy Eating.

At Little Cedars nursery in Streatham, we know that the quality and make-up of food is incredibly important for children’s nutrition, energy levels, cognitive function and overall wellbeing. Indeed, studies show that eating a healthy, balanced diet in the earliest years of development may help children completely avoid certain diseases later in life as well as helping them to remain at a healthy weight. A healthy weight, in turn, will also positively impact their self-confidence and self-esteem as well as keeping them healthier generally. Learn more…

For these reasons and many more, Little Cedars nursery has its own in-house chef, who prepares meals for the children each day. Using only the highest quality, freshest ingredients, a varied menu of delicious meals is prepared for the children and all with the appropriate balance of food types and portion sizes. The chef ensures that the fresh ingredients include everything the children need to remain healthy and also caters for those with special diets, including vegetarians and vegans.

Over the course of each day, the chef will serve three high quality meals (breakfast, lunch and tea) along with a healthy mid-morning snack and another in the middle of the afternoon. Fresh water is available at any time. All food and drink is included within the nursery fees although parents of babies usually supply their own baby milk.

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